In an increasingly digital age, Christian organizations face the growing challenge of cancel culture, with sudden closures of bank accounts and disruptions in critical services becoming a real concern. Franklin Graham, renowned evangelist and leader of Samaritan’s Purse, recently addressed the National Religious Broadcasters convention, warning about an impending storm of demonic criticism that could jeopardize the operations of Christian broadcasters and ministries. In this article, we explore the concerns raised by Graham and discuss strategies for Christian organizations to navigate the storm of cancel culture while steadfastly proclaiming the Gospel.

The Growing Threat: Graham expressed his concerns regarding the rise of “wokeness” and its potential impact on evangelical ministries. He highlighted the power held by corporations like Amazon, which control cloud storage services that are essential for many organizations. The ability of these companies to abruptly cancel services poses a significant risk to those who rely on them to store and retrieve critical data.

Upholding the Gospel Message: Christian organizations that boldly proclaim the Gospel and address sinful behaviors are at a greater risk of facing attempts to silence their voices. Graham emphasized that organizations not actively preaching the Gospel may be unaffected, but those steadfast in their commitment to proclaiming Christ will likely encounter opposition.

Preparing for the Storm: To ensure continuity and resilience in the face of cancel culture, Graham advised organizations to take proactive measures. One example he provided was Samaritan’s Purse building its own data center in Colorado, which enables them to retain control over their data and assist other organizations facing similar challenges. Self-insuring cargo aircraft and developing contingency plans for potential disruptions were among the other strategies he mentioned.

Collaboration and Support: Graham encouraged Christian organizations to stand together and support one another during these challenging times. By fostering relationships and building networks, organizations can find strength and solidarity in their shared commitment to the Gospel.

As the storm of cancel culture continues to brew, Christian organizations must proactively prepare themselves to navigate these challenges. By taking steps to secure their data, seek alternative service providers, and cultivate support networks, they can ensure the uninterrupted dissemination of the Gospel message. Although the road may be arduous, organizations can draw inspiration from the words of Franklin Graham, reminding them that Jesus warned of the world’s hatred but promised His enduring presence. Let us stand firm in our faith, prepared to face the storm while boldly proclaiming the transformative power of Christ’s love.